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Hammock® Centipede

Hammock® Centipede is an easy-care turfgrass for those who'd rather rest in a hammock than mow the lawn. Its slow growing features make Hammock® Centipede great for residential properties and municipal roadways.

Benefits and Care of Centipede Grass:

  • Hammock® Centipede is the ideal choice for those who want a low-maintenance lawn.
  • Hammock® Centipede is more heat tolerant than other Centipede cultivars. It was bred in South Florida and developed for use as a residential lawn that can stand up to the summer heat.
  • Low-maintenance features make it highly attractive to homeowners. Once established, most home owners will only need to mow less than 6 times a year.
  • Hammock® Centipede is so named because homeowners will spend a lot more time in their hammock than behind their lawnmower if they’ve got this type of turf grass in their yard.
  • Great for roadways and public lawns. Less frequent mowing saves on maintenance costs.
  • Lower grass fertilization requirements.
  • Finer texture than St. Augustine grasses.
  • Darker green color than many existing varieties of Centipede.

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